Christian Education

Purpose: The Board of Christian Education Ministry oversees the total educational program of the Church by providing programs, resources, and supervision to ensure that members are continually sharpened in their discipleship walk.

Deacon Ministry

Purpose: The Deacon Ministry assists the Pastor in serving the entire church family and community in a godly manner and in developing a more Christ-like congregation in ministry, as proclaimed by God’s Word. 

Educational Board Ministry

Purpose: The Educational Board Ministry assists the church in stimulating and motivating the youth, encouraging them to take advantage of educational opportunities, and by stressing the value and importance of remaining in school and furthering their education.

Music Ministry

Purpose: The Music Ministry leads the congregation in inspirational songs that enhance the praise and worship experience and help proclaim the Word of God.

Shiloh’s Kitchen

Purpose: Shiloh’s Kitchen provides nourishing hot meals to those less fortunate, which meets the  LAST Saturday of every month at noon.

Sunday School

Purpose: Sunday School is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by teaching the truths of His Word and preparing saints for life’s challenges every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m.

Trustee Ministry

Purpose: Shiloh Trustee Ministry serve as vigilant and watchful guardians over the church’s financial matters by overseeing and taking care of all property, contracts, and employment matters involving the Church. 

Usher Ministry

Purpose:  The Usher Ministry serve as doorkeepers of the church and welcome worshippers into the church as wekk as  assist in meeting the needs of the Pastor and congregation during the worship service and church programs.

Youth Ministry

Purpose: Youth Ministry is designed to provide a safe space for the next generation to grow and mature into tomorrow’s leaders. We desire to meet our children at every level of their development. We understand that the seeds we sow in their hearts today will greatly affect their walk with Christ in adulthood.

Shiloh Praise Dance Ministry 

Purpose: The Praise Dancers use the art of dance to usher the congregation into God's presence.